From Chris Cella – The scene last night for Bobby Gunn’s first title defense of his bareknuckle boxing championship was something out of a movie–a large open room in a warehouse; no glamorous arena, no ring, no concession stands…last night wasn’t about entertainment, it was about one thing–fighting.
When Ernest Jackson made his walk through the crowd as he prepared himself to go to war, he was overwhelmed by a sea of Bobby Gunn’s supporters, roughly 130 or so in total.  The cheers and praise for Gunn didn’t affect Jackson as he waited for the fight to begin. 

Leading up to the fight you wouldn’t think Bobby Gunn was about to throw hands with a skilled undefeated fighter.  He appeared calm and collective as if he was simply going to work.  
The fight lasted just over 8 minutes, with Bobby Gunn being the victor by way of KO.  With this win he showed the fight world two things–that he is the undisputed world heavyweight bareknuckle boxing champion and what true bareknuckle boxing is all about.

When the video of the fight is released in a few days, fight fans will be able to experience a true bareknuckle boxing match.  The haters and critics who call the sport nothing more than a barbaric street fight between two bums will quickly be silenced as they see two professionals at their trade strategically exchanging hands.

Bareknuckle boxing combines the skill and technique of boxing with the excitement of MMA into a thought-out war which is reminiscent of a chess match.  

“In order to be successful in a bareknuckle fight, you have to be smart,” said Bobby Gunn.  “You can’t just walk in and start swinging away wildly; you will either break your hands or leave yourself open to get laid out.  Fighters only have a 3 ½” gap to strike, from the eyes to the nose, around the side of the temple.  When you throw a shot to the jaw you have to be careful to hit the side of the jaw.  The teeth can split your hands wide open, and if you hit too high above the eyebrows you can shatter your hand on the forehand.  Bareknuckle boxing is not about wasting shots throwing wild punches; it’s about precise, accurate shots that are effective.”

The fight last night wasn’t about one man wanting to hurt another and beat him unconscious—both warriors showed tremendous skill and professionalism before and after the fight—it was about which man was going to be the better fighter.  The bareknuckle boxing championship last night showed the true form of boxing; picking and choosing your shots and waiting patiently for your openings.  

And upon completion of the fight, both men walked away unharmed; a few bruises at worst.  Gunn’s title defense last night was more than him continuing to solidify himself as one of the greatest bareknuckle fighters of all time; it also spread awareness of the trueness of the sport of bareknuckle boxing and the potential it has to become as mainstream as gloved boxing and MMA.
Bobby Gunn displayed the class and delivered the performance of a champion.

“It was a tough fight,” said Gunn.  “I give all the credit in the world to Ernest Jackson.  He is a true warrior and a tough, tough fighter, and I thank him again for stepping up to fight.  It means the world to me that everybody came out to support me.  I have the best team, family and fans in the world.”

The full fight video will be released within the next few days.

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