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MMA | Wasion Captures Carter’s V3 Light Title!

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By: JD Meredith,

Above: Referee Dave Ferguson Holds Up The Hand Of Chantein Wasion After Wasion Captures The V3 Lightweight Championship From Tripp Carter. Photo By JD Meredith, MemphisMMA.Com

V3 Fights rocked an electrified capacity crowd in the FedExForum Lobby, Saturday, August 14th. Prior to the kickoff of the event, fans were giving access to fighters for snapshots and autographs.

The main event of the evening showcased V3 Lightweight Champion Tripp Carter (21st Century) and number one contender Chantein Wasion (CTO) in a fight labeled as the most anticipated rematch in V3 Fights’ history. In their initial fight, Wasion suffered a fight stopping cut which deferred victory to Carter, who secured the V3 Lightweight Belt.

In round one of the main event both fighters began circling one another in the center of the cage. Wasion threw first but didn’t land. Carter struck first with a front kick and both then landed near synchronous left hands. After tangling up, Carter then took Waison to the canvas where the fight remained throughout the round.

Above: Wasion (l) and Carter exchange left hands as the brawl in a Title rematch Saturday night at the FedExForum. Photo by JD Meredith,

In the second stanza Wasion quickly took Carter to the canvas, where the fighters worked, again, throughout the round. Wasion, in dominant position, was able to get some shots off as his corner implored him to posture up and strike.

Above: V3 Lightweight Champion lands a kick in his rematch with Chantein Wasion. Photo by JD Meredith,

In round three the champion appeared to be the stronger and fresher fighter. Carter dominated with effective stand-up striking and connected with big right hands sending Wasion reeling against the cage. Wasion appeared to be in trouble from the start of the round but did manage to bring Carter to the canvas and halt his assault. With seconds left in the fight and both fighters gassed, Wasion dug deep. Chan’DA’man, slipped around behind the Champion and locked in a rear naked choke. Carter tapped out seconds later just before the final round expired.

Above Referee Dave Ferguson Officiate the Carter/Wasion Rematch at V3 Fights August 14 at the FedexForum in Downtown memphis, TN. Photo by JD Meredith,

Wasion rose to his knees, celebrated briefly, then fell back to the canvas in sheer exhaustion. Carter graciously stood and helped lift the new V3 Lightweight Champion to his feet.

Above: Chantein Wasion defeats Tripp Carter to Capture v3 Light Crown.
Photo by JD Meredith,

Wasion brought to his knees
While the main event was engaging, nothing could prepare fight fans for the engagement that came next. As Chan’DA’man celebrated the V3 Lightweight belt now securely affixed around his waste, his girl friend entered the ring. Wasion, before all in attendance, submitted to one knee and proposed to a clearly moved young lady.

Hatley Defeats Hengst by Split Decision
In a heated lightweight bout that carried with it a grudge-match atmosphere, Tyler Hatley (Fight Clinic) fended off Derek Hengst’s (Hostile) stand up striking, with ground-and-pound style to grind out a split decision victory.

Above: Hatley strikes Hengst. Photo by JD Meredith,

Holmes Hands Parker first Loss
Fighting at a catch-weight of 140 lbs., Jesse Parker’s (Premier) ground-and-pound style was outmatched by a Matt Holmes’ (Independent) height and reach advantage. Parker stuck with the same plan for the entire fight but for all the opportunities to impose his style, Holmes managed to slip away. Their bout was stopped for several minutes in the third round after Parker received a finger to the eye with Holmes receiving a warning for accidental poking. Holmes was never in trouble, and won the fight via decision.

Lee Dominates
Zach Lee (DTF) delivered a massive take down just seconds into his fight was Law Purifoy (Mongoose). Purifoy managed to thwart off a constant ground assault from Lee and somehow survive Lee’s rear naked choke that lasted nearly the final minute of the first round. (After the fight Lee would say that he had a good grip duing the rear naked choke but the thickness of the gloves may have prevented him from enforcing the submission.)

Purifoy was on the defensive throughout the fight but did connect with a sharp leg kick in the third which Lee quickly answered with one of his own. Lee then took Purifoy to the canvas, where the fight remained through the end of round third. Lee won by decision.

Above: Lee Postures and pounds. Photo by JD Meredith,

Debuting Welters Moses Bushnell (Memphis JJ) and Brandon Smith (Independent) locked up for nearly two minutes before Smith tapped out after finding himself in a rear-naked-choke.

Above: Kevin Global (BANG) lands against Jimmy Osbourne (21st Century). wins via split decision.

Above: In the opener Johnathan Vargas (21st Century) submitted Zach Williams (DTF) by arm bar at 1:06 of round one.

V3 Fights will return September 4, at the Delta Fair.

V3 Fights Reurn to the Forum! Live August 14!

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Memphis, TN. – V3 Fights is making its way back to the Grand Lobby of FedExForum for another evening of the best MMA action the Mid-South has to offer on August 14.

The main event on August 14 will see the newly crowned Lightweight Champion Tripp Carter put his belt on the line against No. 1 contender Chantein Wasion in the most anticipated rematch in V3 history. The two fighters come into the match with a great deal of momentum, as Carter delivered the fastest knockout in V3 history in his last match and Wasion’s most recent victory earned him Submission of the Night honors. The last time these fighters squared off Carter defeated his opponent due to a cut under Wasion’s eye. There will much to look forward to in addition to the main event, with nine other bouts on the card. The first fight of the evening will begin at 8 p.m.

Tickets for the event are on sale at all Ticketmaster locations,, the FedExForum Box Office or by phone at (800) 745-3000. Ticket prices for this exciting event, which include ringside seat options, are available starting at $20. All ticket prices are subject to additional fees and service charges.

V3 Fights was founded in Memphis, TN as an amateur fighting circuit in 2009. The company’s mission is to provide quality MMA events for fans across the Mid-South, while serving as a proving ground for future professional MMA fighters. For more information go to or

V3 Fights Reurn to the Forum! Live August 14!

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Memphis, Tennessee — V3 Fights is making its way back to the Grand Lobby of FedExForum for another evening of the best MMA action the Mid-South has to offer on August 14. Tickets for the event go on sale Wednesday, July 14 at 10 a.m. at all Ticketmaster locations,, the FedExForum Box Office or by phone at (800) 745-3000. Ticket prices for this exciting event, which include ringside seat options, are available starting at $20. All ticket prices are subject to additional fees and service charges.

The much anticipated main event on August 14 will see the newly crowned Lightweight Champion Tripp Carter put his belt on the line against No. 1 contender Chantein Waison in the most anticipated rematch in V3 history. The two fighters come into the match with a great deal of momentum, as Carter delivered the fastest knockout in V3 history in his last match and Waison’s most recent victory earned him Submission of the Night honors. The last time these fighters squared off in the octagon, Carter defeated his opponent due to a cut under Waison’s eye.

There is much to look forward to in addition to the main event, with nine other bouts on the card, including the crowning of V3’s first ever Featherweight and Welterweight Champions. The first fight of the evening will begin at 8 p.m.

V3 Fights was founded in Memphis, TN as an amateur fighting circuit in 2009. The company’s mission is to provide quality MMA events for fans across the Mid-South, while serving as a proving ground for future professional MMA fighters. For more information go to or

V3 Fights Crown Mid-South Champions!

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By: Michael Sheffield @ Ringside

A sweltering June night in Memphis was made even hotter by the action in the cage on Saturday night during V3 Fight’s FedExForum debut that featured three championship bouts and an 11-fight card featuring the top local professional MMA fighters.

V3 would crown its first-ever champions in the light heavyweight, lightweight and bantamweight divisions, with two of the bouts not getting out of the 1st round.

Lightweight Tripp Carter would score the most devastating (and
scariest) knockout of the night with a one punch decimation of Steven

The undefeated Carter would finish the fight in 8 seconds with a right hand that Cornelius and most of the crowd didn’t see coming. Cornelius would hit the ground face first and Carter would land a second right to his prone opponent before referee Dave Ferguson could stop the fight.

Cornelius would be out cold for at least 3 minutes before paramedics would remove him from the ring in a neck brace as a precaution.

Light heavyweight Carlton Little would produce the most action packed first round of the night, starting with his entrance, which featured Memphis rapper Playa Fly, who would then vocally support the fighter to a victory against the undefeated Jaden Booth in a 5-round light
heavyweight bout.

Little, who came into the fight with a record of 6-3, would go on the offensive immediately, power-slamming Booth and nearly locking in a rear naked choke. however, Booth would reverse it and nearly knock in one of his own. However, two takedowns and a powerful ground and pound later, Little would score a technical knockout over his dazed opponent at 2:38 of the first round.

After being crowned the first V3 light heavyweight champion, Little let the crowd know what type of champion he would be. “ I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me,” he said in the cage
after the fight.

The theme of a fighting champion would continue in the main event, a 5- round bantamweight title fight between Cody Lane and Brian Hall. Hall would dominate the fight early and often, scoring multiple takedowns over the course of 3 of the scheduled 5 rounds. Lane would
begin the 3rd round as the aggressor, attempting to lock in his own guillotine choke, but failing to lock his opponent up for good. The fighters would trade holds and grapple to a near stalemate throughout the round. However, at the end of the round, a visibly spent and
frustrated Lane would throw his mouthpiece into the crowd, either as a mistaken sign of elation for finishing the fight, or as a gesture of concession.

During the between round intermission, neither Lane’s corner nor the referee could convince him to continue, resulting in Hall being named the winner by TKO.

After the fight, the soft-spoken Hall was adamant who he wanted his next opponent to be, rising local MMA star Thomas Vasquez, who would make his way to the cage to accept the challenge.

The end of the main event wasn’t a shock, as two preliminary bouts had controversial endings of their own.

Lightweights Ronnie Sharp and Adam Denton would end an entertaining fight with a no-decision, after Round 1 when Sharp would absorb a series of kicks and knees to the midsection and face. It would be a knee to the nose that resulted in the initial stoppage. Despite Sharp
being unable to continue because of a legal blow, the fight would be called a no-decision, much to the chagrin of the sellout crowd. With both fighters entering the fight at 1-0, neither would lose their 0 on this night.

Phillip Price (2-1) and Jimmy White (2-0) would meet at a catchweight of 160, with White playing up the intimidation factor from the moment he stepped into the cage. White would counter everything Price would do for the first round and his aggression would result in another
strange stoppage, after Price complained of being poked in the eye. The fight would be stopped at 40 seconds of the second round, with White winning by TKO.

Muay Thai fighters Derek Jackson and. Marcus Jones would make their pro debuts at a catchweight 140. The fight would go the distance, and both fighters, after a first round filled with nervous energy, would settle in for a rousing start to the night. Jones would win by
unanimous decision.

Light heavyweight Jamie Houston (2-1) would TKO Matt Hill (0-2) in 1:32 of the first round.

Middleweight Patrick Burkett would make an impressive debut against Lenny Edgar at a catchweight of 145 pounds, winning by unanimous decision.

Welterweight Travis Robertson (6-3) would reverse a first round where he was dominated by Jess Brown and score a victory. Robertson, who was immediately taken down by Brown in the first round, would begin the second round with a right hand that would drop his opponent. Robertson would move in for the kill and TKO Brown 40 seconds into the second round.

Robertson gave credit to his opponent after the fight, calling him “a bad a– fighter.” However, he would also promise great things from here on out.

Bantamweights Jessie Parker and Miles Brown would put on an entertaining fight for the 2 minutes it would last, however, their display of sportsmanship and fun after Parker won by arm-bar tap-out would outlast and be more entertaining than the fight itself.

Brown would hoist Parker on his shoulders and parade him around the ring after the fight. Both fighters would leave the crowd excited for the next fight.

Crowd favorite Chantein Wasion (2-1) would bounce back from a loss in his previous fight by dominating Daniel Deossio (2-2) in a lightweight fight.

Wasion would look to end the fight with a rear naked choke early, almost lock in a guillotine choke and finally finish Deossio with a locked in rear naked choke.

FedExForum To Host Three MMA Title Fights June 19 V3 Fights Set to Crown Mid-South Champions

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (May 11, 2010) – Local mixed-martial-arts fans will witness the crowning of the first ever V3 Champions following three title fights at the FedExForum on June 19. V3 Fights, the leading MMA event company in Memphis and the Mid-South, has held a series of preliminary bouts since the sport was legalized in Memphis more than a year ago to prepare local fighters for professional careers in the sport. On June 19, the company will crown the first ever V3 Champions in the Light-Heavyweight, Lightweight and Bantamweight divisions.

“ These fighters are all local guys training to become professionals in the sport,” said V3 Fights president Nick Harmeier. “Their passion, fan base and level of professionalism have grown with every fight and we felt like it was time honor our local champions with titles.”

Jaden Booth will be taking on Carlton Little for the Light-Heavyweight title. Steven Cornelius is squaring off against Tripp Carter for the Lightweight belt. The main event will be Brian Hall versus Cody Lane to see who will become the V3 Champion in the Bantamweight division. An online fan poll, which received over 43,000 votes, determined which fight would be the main event.

The fights are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Ticket start at $20 and are available at the FedExForum box office or online at
About V3 Fights

V3 Fights was founded in Memphis, Tenn. as an amateur fighting circuit in 2007. The company’s mission is to provide quality MMA events for fans across the Mid-South, while serving as a proving ground for future professional MMA fighters. Learn more about the company at, or call 901.260.4181 for more information.

Johnson–Tarver fight Inked!

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A fight between Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson has just been announced and it looks like the fight will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Hopes were high that this fight would be held at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, given the turnout and success of the Jones Jr./Johnson fight last September. Even without Memphis getting this fight, there are big things on the Horizon for Memphis Boxing.

Choko hernandez Topples Too Sharp!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson (44-4, 28 KOs) entered the ring as the WBO champion and self proclaimed best 115-pound fighter in the world “bar none.” But, 21-year-old Ivan “Choko” Hernandez (19-0-1, 13 KOs) came to prove otherwise as he fought a courageous fight from the start.

Hernandez began the fight charging forward, stunning the champ with a straight right hand that staggered Johnson backward, immediately letting Johnson know this would be no easy fight.

“ I knew when I landed the first right hand that I could do it. I knew with my heart, my determination, that I could win the fight,” Hernandez later revealed strictly to Fightnews.

While Johnson pressed the action in the second and third rounds, Hernandez proved willing to stand toe-to-toe and trade power shots as the two traded arsenals of uppercuts, and hooks in close quarters. Hernandez continued to come forward through the fourth as he landed a shot to the chest that momentarily shook Johnson. Hernandez pressed forward again into the sixth round when Johnson took charge.

Johnson turned up the heat as his punches started landing on the young Hernandez in succession. Johnson landed a huge overhand right, followed by a left that wobbled Hernandez. Johnson then landed punch after punch, loading up on each shot. Looping overhand punches and uppercuts thundered across Hernandez’s skull as he held onto Johnson to end the sixth.

With the recover power of Holyfield in his prime, Hernandez charged forward to begin round seven as if unaffected by the round before. “I felt the punches hard in round six. I can take nothing away from Johnson. My heart said keep going.”

Hernandez then blasted Johnson with a straight right hand that immediately sat him on his rear. Johnson looked to his corner and smiled, up righting himself at the count of eight. Then Hernandez continued to apply pressure.

Relentless and pursuant of the champion, Hernandez continued unleashing punch after punch. Then Hernandez thundered a right uppercut to Johnson’s ribcage and down he went. Felled and on all fours, Johnson could not raise from the canvas for close to a minute as referee Armando Garcia counted him out a 2:42 of round eight, leaving Ivan “Choko” Hernandez the new WBO Junior Bantamwieght champion.

After the fight jubilant manager Jesse Mercado specifically sought out Fightnews for the prime story while also interpreting for the Spanish-speaking Hernandez. “He (Hernandez) is only 21 years old. This is just his 20th fight! He has a long career ahead of him!”

“ I can not believe it. Thank God. I have a solid team. The addition of Ronny Shield helped me find weak spots. Our plan was to pressure Mark,” Hernandez said. “Super flyweights are avoiding each other. We knew what we had. We knew we were ready to fight the best in the world. I was 51-5 in the amateurs and knew I could do it.”

While Mercado seeks to have his fighter unify the belts at 115 pounds, Hernandez would like to handle some unfinished business of his own via a match up with fellow Mexican fighter Fernando Montiel. “I would like to fight Montiel. Montiel said Johnson was fighting a nobody. What do you thing now Montiel? I have beaten the best fighter in the world,” Hernandez stated.

I would like to thank Jesse Mercado for the exclusive interview and wish him and his fighter the best.

D. Logan (7-1-1, 5 KO’s), tough to See that “O” go!

Last Saturday night, while most fight fans we’re just thinking about heading toward the FedEx Forum, the fights had already begun. One of those fights was the Darnell Logan (7-0-1, 5 KO’s) of Covington, TN, vs. Mario Lacey (5-7-3, 5 KO’s) from Mobile, AL. The bout began with both fighters trading shots in the center of the ring. Logan was able to get off good shots to the head and body but Lacey took them well.Towards the end of round 2 Lacey floored Logan with a hard right hook that landed flush to the head. Logan took his time getting off the canvas and when he finally gained his senses and lifted himself up, his legs were too wobbley and the referee called the fiight at 2:54 of round 2.

Montana wins rematch over Brown!

Former cruiserweight contender Saul Montana (41-12, 36 KOs) decisioned Gabe Brown (15-5-1, 9 KOs) in a heavyweight contest on Saturday at the FedExForum as part of the non-televised undercard in support of the Glen Johnson vs. Roy Jones Jr. showdown. Brown, whose weight exceeded the 350-pound limit of the scales on Friday, had no answer to the sticking and moving style of Montana. Montana (229) was able to stay on the outside and potshot the plodding, blubbery Brown at will throughout the fight. Brown got the crowd cheering for him in the third when he swayed his enormous hips in hula hip fashion at the advancing Montana. The cheering turned into laughter soon afterwards which was replaced by booing moments later. The sixth round was the only round that Brown showed any offensive initiative. Brown was able to briefly close the gap and go toe-to-toe with Montana during the sixth round but Montana retreated into ropes to escape the assault. Montana was hurt during the exchange but

Brown ran out of gas before he could capitalize. The nose of Brown was busted up by pecking jab of Montana during the middle rounds. Montana went on to win a unanimous ten-round decision. This fight was a rematch of their November 2003 affair in which both fighters were down in the opening round but it was Brown who TKO’ed Montana in the first round.

John Johnson Faces toughest opponent yet!

Undefeated light heavyweight John Johnson (6-0, 5 KOs) had a tougher time than anticipated in winning a decision over Martin Verdin (6-4, 3 KOs). Johnson, an outstanding amateur, was caught a few times by Verdin during the four round contest but Johnson was never in danger. A left hook sent Verdin crashing to the canvas midway into the first round. Verdin recovered but the southpaw Johnson kept the pressure on with thudding left hooks. Verdin suffered a nasty gash below his right eye during the third round and a vicious assault at the end of the round had Verdin hanging onto the ropes. Johnson won a unanimous decision with all of the judges’ scorecards reading 40-35.

Memphis “Shakes Up” Boxing!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

The brand new FedExForum in Memphis, TN opened its arms to its inaugural sporting event in grand fashion here last night. A crowd of almost 14,000 packed into the impressive new arena.

Roy Jones (49-3, 38 KOs) stated all along he intended to bring a show to Memphis to regain his title against IBF Light Heavyweight Champion Glengoffe Johnson (41-9-2, 28 KOs). He excited the Memphis community with his promises of entertainment and did not disappoint. Only the end proved much different than the crowd or he anticipated.

As the music boomed and Jones started his slow prance into the ring behind a rapper from his own personal label, the crowd erupted. He entered the ring as smoke and pyrotechnics blasted the air. While it may have seemed Jones had already started ahead in this fight, Johnson already had surprises for Mr. Jones.

Johnson provided Jones and everyone in attendance with the first surprise as famous rapper Ice-T led him into the ring. Like foreshadowing in a fiction novel, the hint of what lay ahead loomed over the crowd as they began to realize Johnson came here to entertain as well.

As round one opened, Johnson charged Roy, sending him into retreat mode against the ropes, hands held high around his ears. Johnson easily took the round with relentless pursuit, landing several shots to Jones’ skull. Where was the Jones of old, the escape artist that never seemed to get hit? Where was the man that Vinny Pazienza did not even hit once in a round during their bout.

Johnson ensured that man never showed up. Even as Jones flurried in rounds two and three, including a big left hook and barrage of body shots, Johnson absorbed them and continued forward.

While Jones continued the rope-a-dope act ala Muhamed Ali, Johnson took advantage of every opportunity. Entering the ninth round Johnson led on all scorecards (Fightnews had it scored 77-75) and Jones was in dire need of digging deep to try and extra victory from the beating he was receiving.

But, Johnson had other plans. “I looked for him with the left hook. I waited and got no response so I hit him again (with the right). What can I say? I threw the right hand, it hit him on the chin, and that’s it,” Johnson relayed after the fight.

As Jones fell limp to the canvas, out cold before his head ever hit the canvas, the end of an era sounded with a thud on the canvas like a bell rung in a silent night. The crowd stilled and quiet, watched as Jones lay motionless on the canvas unable to move. The time of the knockout was: 48 seconds into the ninth round.

“ Nobody knows I have a knockout punch because nobody sees me fight,” explained IBF light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson after his stunning ninth round knockout of Roy Jones, Jr. on Saturday at the FedExForum in Memphis, TN. “I fight overseas a lot. I’m always a road warrior. It doesn’t matter if I get the respect or not, let’s just get in the ring. I stay focused and do what I have to do.”

The absence of Jones at the post-fight conference, who was transported to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis for testing and observation after suffering a concussion due to the knockout, did not put a damper on the celebration of Johnson and his team.

The triumphant Johnson said to the fans and press in the room, “It’s a great night for me! I just wanted to make a statement that I’m a real fighter. I don’t try to look cute. I just wanted to get the job done. I felt that if the knockout came that’s great, but I did not care. I just wanted to win.”

Johnson proved his durability and worth in the ring and thanked the city of Memphis for welcoming him with such open arms. “I will fight in Memphis any time,” he proclaimed.

” I beat him at his own game,” observed Johnson, a native of Clarendon, Jamaica who fights out Miami. “A lot of guys try to fight Roy from the outside, but I wanted to stay in on him.”

Johnson proclaimed, “I’ll fight anybody. I’m not the best but I’ll fight anybody. I have had a tough career. I came through the back door. I am not one to say I am always the best. I’m the guy willing to fight the self-proclaimed best.”

Johnson was asked about a showdown with middleweight king Bernard Hopkins at 168 pounds, to which he responded, “It’s up to my management but if my body can do it, I will.” This scenario seems highly unlikely anytime soon since Hopkins has stated that he wishes to make twenty defenses of his middleweight crown before considering moving up in weight.

WBC / WBA champion Antonio Tarver was invited to the podium by promoter Dan Goossen as Johnson concluded his speech to press.

” I hope Roy retires,” bluntly stated Tarver. “He needs to stay home and take care of himself. I give him (Jones) all the credit in the world but I don’t want him to get hurt. I want to see Roy enjoy his life after boxing (and) ride off into the sunset.”

In November 2003, Jones moved back down to the 175-pound division after his historic capture of the WBA heavyweight crown and regained the light heavyweight title from Antonio Tarver in the first of their two fights. Subsequently, Tarver knocked out Jones in the second round of their rematch in May.

Tarver wasted no time in challenging Johnson: “I feel like he has something of mine. We have to sell tickets Glenn. You have one of my belts. Come on HBO, let’s get it on.”

Alton Merkerson, the long-time trainer of Jones, stated to the press the knockout could signal the end of his career. “That’s something he and I are going to have to talk about,” Merkerson said. “He’s getting hit now more than he used to get hit.”

While a unification bout with Tarver may also lie ahead, Johnson can rest assured Saturday night he was the best in the world. Tarver contends the belt is rightfully his, that he voluntarily gave it up. But for now it resides firmly around the waist of the man who left Memphis and the rest of the world “All Shook Up.”

The total attendance on Saturday at the FedExForum was 13, 047. The promoters were Square Ring, Inc. and Goossen Tutor Promotions, in association with Prize Fight Boxing and Grand Casinos Tunica.

Memphis eyes a new “King”!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

Fight night at the FedEx Forum now resides just 48 hours away and the hype and excitement is already creating waves in the city of Memphis. The final press conference for the highly anticipated fight between IBF Light heavyweight champion Glengoffe Johnson (40-9-2, 27 KOs) and Roy Jones Jr. (49-2, 38 KOs) went off without a hitch today, with all those involved in attendance. As Roy Jones, Jr. himself indicated, not even a hurricane could keep him away from this fight.

Brian Young of Prize Fight Boxing kicked things off by thanking the city of Memphis for its support in helping bring the fight to the city and Jones later continued his thoughts stating, “I love the support and treatment everyone has shown me and my opponent here in Memphis. It’s something when you can say that about yourself AND your opponent’s peoples.”

Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson (44-3, 28 KOs) then took the podium and wasted no time in proclaiming that he has never lost a world championship fight.

“ I am the best 115-pound fighter in the world. Bar None!”

Aside from two back-to-back losses to Rafael Marquez, Johnson has not lost a fight in over 14 years. Saturday he will put his WBO Jr. Bantamweight title on the line against Ivan “Choco” Hernandez (18-0-1, 12 KOs), a crafty, yet unknown, Mexican fighter with a high activity rate and an untested chin.

After Glen Johnson’s manager paid his respect to the Jones camp and thanked everyone for the opportunity his fighter now receives on the world stage, Roy Jones Jr. stepped up to the microphone informing everyone, “I’m back. I’m bringing a whole show for ya’ll, not just a fight.”

Question and answer periods left floods of questions to the superstar Jones with the IBF champ Glengoffe Johnson seemingly happy to play the reserve role. Johnson is a man of few words and seemed to have no problem with the attention falling on Jones’ shoulders.

Fightnews participated in the question and answer period and relays the following:

Roy what about your decision to fight a champion on your first fight back (from the first loss)?
I want to fight a champion. I need a challenge. I don’t want to fight someone everybody knows I’m gonna beat.

Did you approach the Johnson camp for this fight?
Yeah, I wanted the fight. I said Ok, if Tarver don’t want to come and talk to me right now I’ll go fight Glengoffe Johnson. I want to fight another champion. He’s got one of my belts. Most people don’t know about Glen Johnson. I do. I know he’s good. He fought Clinton Woods twice and won the title. Clinton Woods doesn’t go down easy.
People don’t know about Glen Johnson because he was a late bloomer. But then again, people didn’t think Tarver had much of a chance either. Johnson’s older, which means he has more experience. He’s also smart and he’s got good power.
I don’t know what kind of punch he can take – but it better be a good one.
Roy, you said you’re bringing a whole show. Tell us about that.
I’m bringing the whole show. An entrance into the ring. I gotta make people enjoy themselves.

After Saturday night do you think you’ll have another fight with Tarver?
Well, I don’t know. You got Tarver. You got Hopkins. You got Klitzscko. All three I’ll take. Klitschko on the other hand. I ain’t supposed to be able to beat him. I love that. I love doing what I’m not supposed to be able to do. This is not about Tarver this is about Roy. The only way people will listen to him – by saying my name.

Who beat Ruiz since I beat him? Rahman didn’t beat him. Oquendo didn’t beat him. No one could beat him. Who beat Hopkins since I beat him? No one. It starts right here!

Following the question and answer period, Fightnews had the opportunity to get some feedback from heavyweight contender Dommic Guinn who expects to see a Roy Jones Jr. knock out. When asked about receiving his first career loss Guinn states, “It’s not out of my mind. I’m sitting over here thinking I know what Roy Jones is going through. But, I don’t expect it to go past 4.”

Guinn continued to state he’ll back back in December as he continues to work hard to get back to where he was stood – only a fight or two from a title shot. “In a year or two my goal is to be heavyweight champ. Bet your money on me. I’ll be back,” Guinn firmly stated in his soft-spoken, Southern Arkansas style.

Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson shared his thoughts with Fightnews on his young opponent. “Young guys are courageous. I know. I used to be that guy. But I will never look past a fight. Never. I hope to fight anyone 126 pounds and under. I might call out Roy after this fight,” ‘Too Sharp’ said smiling.

With that the press conference closed today in a city that is currently all about Roy. As Mr. Jones prepares himself for the first step towards regaining his throne as one of boxing’s pound-for-pound best, he boasts a promise to entertain and ensure that everyone enjoys the show. In a town ripe with love for past celebrity and in search of a new “King” of the city, Roy Jones Jr. stands in perfect position to earn such an honorary title.

As he has often proved himself to be the “King” of entertaining entrances and showy prances to the apron, the first question to the rest of Roy Jones’ career inside the ring will be answered in less than two days. Very soon we begin to find out if Roy Jones Jr. still reigns as “King” of the boxing ring.

Jones Jr. vs Johnson, Days Away!

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By: JD Meredith

Memphis is days away from one of the biggest fights in its history. Do you have your tickets to Roy Jones Jr. vs. Glen Johnson at the FedEx Forum, Saturday night in Memphis, TN? If you do, congratulations, you are going to see some great fights. 10 to be exact. If you don’t have tickets, but take an interest in Boxing, buy a pair of tickets to this fight and help establish Memphis as a boxing community.

Memphis has received 2 Heavyweight Championship mega-fights, in Tyson/Lewis and Tyson/Etienne, since 2002. Now with the arrival of Roy Jones Jr., who until recently was considered by the majority of fight fans and fight commentators alike to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Memphis adds another huge fight to its historical fight card. (cont’d)

Why is this fight anticipated?
Roy Jones Jr. (49-2, 38 KO’s) promotes himself, he cuts tracks, he has a line of clothes, he just got knocked out for the first time…ever! Fact is Jones Jr. is an exciting fighter to watch. He’s been in the sport for years and has lost little to father time. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s a great fighter whose name is branded on the sport of boxing for all eternity. When a fighter loses a fight, especially the way Jones Jr. lost his last fight to the right hand of Antonio Tarver (KO 2, 2004), it changes his plan. Saturday night in Memphis, you will see a different side of RJ Jr. A new side of him that has seen the blurry vision and cloudy head of a nasty knock out. Don’t misinterpret what is being said, he will not be scared, but maybe cautious.

Fighting by way of Miami, FL, Glengoffe “Gentleman” Johnson (40-9-2, 27 KO’s) is an not only and impressive Journeyman fighter, he also is the reigning IBF Light Heavyweight Champion. He has been in the ring with many great fighters the likes of Clinton Woods, Derrick Harmon, Syd Vanderpool, Sven Ottke and current Undisputed, Unified Middleweight Champion of the World, Bernard Hopkins, who delivered Johnson’s his only KO (KO 1, 1997). Having only been KO’d once in his career, it is certain that Johnson will be coming to fight.


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