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Bush/Kerry not the only fight Tuesday night!

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Boxing at the New Daisy was light last night in two respects. A smaller than average crowd showed up for a short list of fights. For those who got out in spite of the rain and who managed to pull themselves away from the lure of the presidential election Boxing on Beale put on 4 fights. Three 4 rounders and a 10 round main event.

In the 10 RD Middleweight main event, Walter Gilliam (157lbs.) took on Greg Dickson (160lbs.). Gilliam attacked early, doubling amd tripling up on his right hooks that set the stage for straight rights to the head of Dickson. On several occasions Gilliam cornered or caught Dickson against the ropes and really worked him over. Dickson took a pounding but seemed to be at his best when his back is to the ropes. Durnig the bout Dickson countered well with straight rights and hooks. Dickson appeared slow at times and reluctant to throw his jab, the one punch that Gilliam wasn’t defending. Although it was slow it landed. Dickson also faught this entire fight pretty much on flat feet that didn’t move a lot which allowed Gilliam to tee-off often. Every round began and ended with Dickson beating Gilliam to the first couple of punches then for the most part of the round Gilliam stuck it to Dickson. Amazingly, Dickson preservered the beating that he was receiving and actually hurt Gilliam (Gilliam grimaces after the shot) with a left hook to the body in RD 9. But its too little to late for Dickson. Round 10 ends with a spectacular flurry from both fighters and Dickson fighting with his back to the ropes. Dickson took a lot of punishment on the ropes but showed a big heart and a strong chin. Gilliam defeats Dickson, unanimous decision.

Logan Decisions Journeyman Yarbrough! (11/3/04)

The first fight of the evening featured journeyman fighter Lester Yarbrough paired against Martez “Too Sweet” Logan in a 4 RD Middleweight bout. The fight began with Logan overpowering and out punching Yarbrough. Every shot Logan threw was quick, accurate and deliberate. “Too Sweet” continued to go to Yarbrough’s body with combos that opened up Yarbrough’s guard and Logan landed clean shots to his head. Throughout the fight Logan stalked the slow, pawing Yarbrough. Yarbrough got in a few clean thumbing shots of his own like one in RD 3 when he caught Logan in the body with a chopping right hook to the body. But for the most part Lester endured a punishing from Logan. Logan wins the 4 rounder by unanimous decision.

One comment on Logan is that in this fight he stayed within himself and didn’t try and get Yarbrough out of there as quickly as possible. He took his time and fought his fight.

Heavyweights Collide in Pro Debuts!

In other New Daisy action new comers Courtney Johnson and Mike Posey debuted in a heavyweight clash. Johnson tipped the scales at 255lbs and his opponent Posey weighed in at 240lbs. Wild but exciting. This grappling battle started with both fighters looking awkward but determined as they threw punches with everything they had. During the first round the crowd loved it as the pair took turns tossing and throwing each other to the canvas (none ruled knockdowns). In the second stanza Johnson was very active and charged and chased Posey around the ring. Posey was hit with a few shots but none that hurt him. Likewise, Johnson took some punches that leave him bleeding from the mouth but none that look to have taken a toll on him. What did take a toll on Johnson was his conditioning. He took a knee, out of sheer exhaustion, abd made it up on the count of 8. Posey and Johnson then exchange a few shots and Johnson took another knee. This time Allen Luvell calls the fight on account hat Johnson can not continue after making the count. Posey wins his First by 2 RD KO.

Bunting Kayos Anthony in 1!

Fight three of the evening featured Cruiserweight Lafarrel Bunting (188lbs.) who gave up 60+ plus pounds to Richard Anthony (249lbs.) Shortly after the bell for round one Bunting goes to work on the large but slow Anthony. Anthony is throwing punches but they are wild and not many land. Bunting is just the opposite, not throwing many but when he does it lands with a thud. Bunting, catches Anthony with a quick left hook to the body and Anthony drops to a knee. After the count Anthony continues to fight and Lafarrel closes in again and drops the wounded Anthony to a knee with another well placed body shot. Anthony makes the count but wants no more. Bunting wins by TKO RD 1.

Bunting stops Ward!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

This month at Memphis’ New Daisy Theater, light heavyweight headliner LaFerrel “Fabulous Fairway” Bunting (6-1-1, 6 KOs) closed the show in grand style via knockout victory over Charlie Ward (7-21, 5 KOs).

Bunting stormed out from the opening bell, firing a left uppercut into Ward’s ribcage. Ward fell into the ropes for knockdown number one. Ward up righted himself only to receive further bludgeoning as Bunting struck a left hook around the waistline.

Ward fell to the canvas as referee Clay Huddleston asked timekeeper Rod Cardoni and the commissioners if the blow was low or not, then proceeded to begin his ten count when they shook their heads no.

But Ward held his own for the next few rounds, taking punches from Bunting well, while slipping quite a few. Then in round seven, Bunting unleashed a left hook as Ward marched into it. Ward fell like a rock on his back as referee Clay Huddleston ceased his count at 5 and waved the bout off at 1:17 in round seven.

Pillow Stops Gilliam!

In a lightweight bout, Jerome Pillow (13-0, 10 KOs) gave up almost twenty pounds to Walter Gilliam (1-9-1, 1 KO) and still managed to out power him. Pillow landed much more accurate punches in the first three rounds but was questionably deducted a point for a single low blow in the round.

In response to the deduction, Pillow charged forward in round four and landed combo after combo on the defenseless Gilliam until referee Clay Huddleston performed a standing eight count. Waving his finger in front of Gilliam, Huddleston asked him to follow his finger. To that Gilliam stared blankly straight ahead and the bout ended in yet another KO win for the slick punching Pillow, who seems to have trouble finding a challenging opponent in the local circles.

Goings Outlasts Adams for 4th Pro Win! (10/6/04)
By Scotti Vandevender –

In what read as a light heavyweight bout on the bout sheets, Jim Goings (4-0, 2 KOs) weighed in at 201 lbs. and squared off against 180-lb. Carlos Adams in an ugly slugfest. By the end of round two Goings bled from the nose but Adams’ tank looked to be running low.

Goings won a majority decision as Adams spent the final two rounds trying to tie Goings up in between gasping for air through a gaping mouth.

Johnson vs Watson a Draw! (10/6/04)
By Scotti Vandevender – Middleweight Lamont Johnson (1-3-3, 1 KO) looked to add to his win column against newcomer Caleb Watson, but the result left him with yet another draw. Johnson entered his game self but again could not quite perform well enough for a victory.

Johnson landed early, but then Watson worked behind a quick, stiff left jab. The problem for Watson surfaced after the jab, as his attack remained almost completely void of a right hand to create a one-two combination.

The scorecards reflected the evenness and both fighters lack of quality exchanges 38-39 Johnson, 40-38 Watson, and 38-38.

Grubbs Down in 1st, Hangs on to KO Dowdy!

In a light heavyweight bout that matched Joe Grubbs in his pro debut against Tyrone Dowdy (0-2).

Dowdy stormed out from the bell ripping a left uppercut that sent Grubbs into the ropes for a knockdown. But Grubbs arose and began to land of his own accord, ending the round with a strong right hand.

Then in round 3 a barrage of punches lead to a standing eight count on the tiring Dowdy. Grubbs followed that with another uppercut to the ribcage and Dowdy fell halfway through the ropes doubled over ending the bout at 2:56 of round three.

Futes No match for Robertson!

In the opening bout of the evening, Clifton Robertson (1-0, 1 KO) debuted against Javier Futes (0-1) in impressive fashion. Robertson dropped Futes with a straight right hand. Then when Futes arose Robertson struck again with a right hook and Futes fell again, shaking his head no to referee Allan Lovell when asked if he wanted to continue.

New Daisy Headlines – Burford Blasts Smith!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

Lightweight Chris Burford (5-17, 4 KOs) showed poise and relentlessness en route to a TKO victory over Antonio Smith (7-32-2, 4 KOs). Burford began strong, landing a looping right hand to Smith’s chin in round one that clearly set the tone for the fight.

Smith retaliated in the second stanza with a flurry in the corner, but Burford pressed the action even further to end round two. Then in round three Burford struck with a big right hand that staggered Smith. Referee Allan Lovell jumped in and administered the first of several standing 8 counts.

In round four Burford again struck with 3 straight lefts and wobbled Smith at the bell. Burford continued his dominance as referee Allan Lovell continued with 3 more standing eight counts before Smith’s corner wisely threw in the towel and spared their fighter further punishment.

Anthony Bowman TKO’s Gilliam!
By Scotti Vandevender –

Welterweight Anthony Bowman (6-9, 1 KO) won a TKO victory over Walter Gilliam (0-6). Gilliam was warned about illegal rabbit punching in round one, then closed the round with heavy trading in the corner.

But in round three Bowman began to dominate as he cornered Gilliam against the ropes and landed a left right combination. Gilliam struggled to grasp and hold his way clear of the attack as Bowman continued to land punches.

Then in round four Bowman thundered a huge overhand right and traded heavy punches to end the round. Bowman charged out for the fourth round by striking with a left-right-left-right double combination before referee Clay Huttleston separated the fighters and administered a standing 8 count.

But as soon as the action returned Huttleston again found himself separating the two fighters, this time waving the bout out and declaring a TKO victory for Anthony Bowman.

Goings Record to 2-0, 2 KO’s. (3/4/04)

Cruiserweight Jim Goings (2-0, 2 KOs) moved and slipped his way through round one to follow up with a TKO victory over David Quijada (0-1). Quijada began strong, throwing numerous power shots that Goings managed to dodge and brush away. At the end of round one Quijada began to tire and slow severely.

Round two saw Goings beginning to throw punches more often. He landed a left hook flush to Quijada’s chin that wobbled him into a squat for a knockdown.

Goings continued to press the action in round three, striking a left-right combination that dropped Quijada. Quijada rose but turned his back and walked back to his corner in defeat as Goings earned the TKO victory.

Johnson KO’s Smith in 1!

And light middleweight Lamont Johnson (1-1-1, 1 KO) opened the show with a knockout of Toris Smith (1-11, 1 KO) in round 1. Johnson began strong, landing a solid right then a left hook that dropped Smith to the canvas. Johnson then immediately followed with a right uppercut that staggered Smith, who then fell to the floor unable to continue.

Pillow Stops Gilliam!

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Lightweight Jerome Pillow (4-0, 3 KOs) looked sharp in a battle with the larger Walter Gilliam (0-4), stopping him after two rounds. Even though outweighed by twelve pounds, Pillow began as the active aggressor and dropped Gilliam with a body shot followed by a straight right hand just before the bell to end the second.

Gilliam barely beat the ten count as the bell sounded. Then referee Clay Huttleston halted the bout as the ringside physician declared a gash above Gilliam’s eye that opened after Pillow’s right hand was too severe for Gilliam to continue.
By Scotti Vandevender –


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