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…and NEW…Mid-South Heavy Champ…Willie Perryman!

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JD Meredith at ringside –

Lula, Ms – The buzz at the Isle of Capri not only consisted of electronic chimes of slot machines and clatter of their jackpots but also vibrations from a large bell, rung by a sledgehammer left hook from one Willie Perryman.

Perryman (9-8, 7 KO’s) battled Wade “Rock” Lewis (13-13, 12 KO’s) this past Saturday night (8/6) in an eight round main event. The winner of the bout would not only exit the ring with their pride butwould also exit with an added prefix to their name…Mid-South Heavyweight Champion.

” Rock” Lewis (219 lbs.) started strong with a piercing jab and 1-2-3 punch combinations that landed down the middle. In a circling pattern, Lewis created an imaginary circle around the 260 lb. Perryman patiently stood his ground in the center of the ring, throwing bursts of counter punches as he felt Lewis out.

Round three brought the crowd to their feet and cheering loudly for the local Perryman as he unleashed vicious power punches that landed accurately to the chin and body of a teetering “Rock”. The first knock down came after a rumbling left hook hung from Lewis’ chin. He hit the canvas with his head resting on the ropes. Stunned but not badly hurt, Lewis made the count and wanted more. The punch that caused the second knockdown was not as obvious as for the first, but came after the focused Perryman worked Lewis over. Again a wobbly Lewis made the count and was sent back out to the adrenalized Perryman. After 2:31 of punishment in round three, Lewis was dropped for the final time. An overhand right was the last blow to touch the fallen “Rock” who’s head came to rest on the ropes where his gaze was momentarily blank as he lay on the canvas. Perryman’s corner rushed in and lifted Perryman high above the ring. Shortly after their celebration, Perryman was crowned the “New” Mid-South Heavyweight Champion.

In the featured bout, Monroe, LA, pugilist, Anthony Greeley (6-17-2, 1 KO) climbed into the ring with fellow light heavyweight Brian “the Assassin” Norman (7-2, 2 KO’s) of Decatur, GA. Greeley, a counter puncher, showed good side to side movement in this bout. He was able to weather the forceful storm that raged against him complements of Brian Norman. The Assassin was in great shape for this fight and it showed as his powerful punches sounded like they misshaped Greeley’s body. The bout was all Norman through the fifth round when Greeley began to bob and weave around Norman’s strikes. Well placed and timed counters filled the air as Greeley had either realized how to make contact or finally decided that he wanted to be on the other end of the punishment. Greeley’s good footwork was the main skill that allowed him to score when Norman’s snapping 4 and 5 punch body combos left him open up top. Greeley and Norman traded punches until the end of the final round (6). Seconds from the conclusion of the fight the fighters were tangled in a clinch and Greeley was thrown to the canvas. Norman bullied his way to a six round unanimous victory over the out-gunned Greeley. Judges saw their fight 59-55 | 58-56 | 59-55. Click here for other Results from the Isle Of Capri, Lula, Ms!


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