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The king, looking to Rock memphis!

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Fight fans the time is now for Memphis to welcome championship boxing events with open arms. First it was Tyson vs. Lewis, then Jones Jr. vs. Glen Johnson, now Memphis will play host to the WBO Heavyweight Championship bout between current WBO Heavy Champ Lamon “Relentless” Brewster (31-2, 27KOs) vs. Andrew Golota (38-5-1, 31KOs) on April 16, 2005, at the magnificent FedEx Forum.

Both Golota and Brewster have controversy swirling around their recent fights, however, Golota’s far outweighs Brewster’s. The beauty of these bouts, for Memphis, may not lay with the fighters but with the beholder and the beholder is Don King.

The significance of Don King Promotions’ (DKP) bringing fights to Memphis is resounding. It tells Memphis several things but largely that Memphis is full of fight fans who will support fights like Tyson/Lewis & Jones Jr./Johnson. Memphis has what it takes.

What was the catalyst for Memphis’ playing host to big fights? Yes, it has everything to do with the FedEx forum, however we are going a little deeper. It was not Tyson vs. Lewis – although Memphis did get the fight due to the Tyson/Lewis press conference mêlée, after which Tyson’s Nevada boxing license was revoked (Tyson also didn’t have a license to fight in New Jersey at that time). Why not Tyson vs. Lewis? Well, those guys could sell tickets on the moon. People were going to come see them. The catalyst was Jones Jr. vs. Glen Johnson. Glen Johnson, who is currently considered to be the top Light Heavyweight in boxing after defeating Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver, was relatively unknown before he dramatically KO’d Roy Jones Jr. in 2004. Granted, people bought tickets to see Roy Jones Jr., who will go down in history as one of boxing’s pound-for-pound best. We expected to see Jones, Jr. KO Johnson in his come-back fight. Jonhson’s boxing ability and record was underestimated and things didn’t work out the way the Jones camp had hoped. Point is, fans bought tickets to see a fight that might not have been a spectacular matchup and it ended with a spectacular conclusion…..the people loved it.

If Memphis were to write a letter to DKP. Lets just say it had the sound of a letter written from summer camp. It would read like this,

Dear Don,
“Memphis is great, Send more fights.”
Signed – Fight Fans

Jones Jr. vs Johnson, Days Away!

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By: JD Meredith

Memphis is days away from one of the biggest fights in its history. Do you have your tickets to Roy Jones Jr. vs. Glen Johnson at the FedEx Forum, Saturday night in Memphis, TN? If you do, congratulations, you are going to see some great fights. 10 to be exact. If you don’t have tickets, but take an interest in Boxing, buy a pair of tickets to this fight and help establish Memphis as a boxing community.

Memphis has received 2 Heavyweight Championship mega-fights, in Tyson/Lewis and Tyson/Etienne, since 2002. Now with the arrival of Roy Jones Jr., who until recently was considered by the majority of fight fans and fight commentators alike to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Memphis adds another huge fight to its historical fight card. (cont’d)

Why is this fight anticipated?
Roy Jones Jr. (49-2, 38 KO’s) promotes himself, he cuts tracks, he has a line of clothes, he just got knocked out for the first time…ever! Fact is Jones Jr. is an exciting fighter to watch. He’s been in the sport for years and has lost little to father time. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s a great fighter whose name is branded on the sport of boxing for all eternity. When a fighter loses a fight, especially the way Jones Jr. lost his last fight to the right hand of Antonio Tarver (KO 2, 2004), it changes his plan. Saturday night in Memphis, you will see a different side of RJ Jr. A new side of him that has seen the blurry vision and cloudy head of a nasty knock out. Don’t misinterpret what is being said, he will not be scared, but maybe cautious.

Fighting by way of Miami, FL, Glengoffe “Gentleman” Johnson (40-9-2, 27 KO’s) is an not only and impressive Journeyman fighter, he also is the reigning IBF Light Heavyweight Champion. He has been in the ring with many great fighters the likes of Clinton Woods, Derrick Harmon, Syd Vanderpool, Sven Ottke and current Undisputed, Unified Middleweight Champion of the World, Bernard Hopkins, who delivered Johnson’s his only KO (KO 1, 1997). Having only been KO’d once in his career, it is certain that Johnson will be coming to fight.


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