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“Melee In Mississippi” Harlow’s Casino ResultsFight to be replayed on Fox SportSouth 10pm Central Time!

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In the Main Event of Prize Fight Boxing’s “Melee in Mississippi” (4/30) at Harlow’s Casino in Greenville, MS, Eric “The Outlaw” Hunter, a 2004 United States Olympic Boxing Team Alternate and one of the hottest prospects in boxing, continued his winning ways by TKO’ing the formidable Hernandez in round four. 2008 Bahamian Olympian Taureano Johnson TKO’ed Anthony Bowman in round four. Pete Johnson took Donta Woods the round distance but lost by unanimous decisions (UD4). In feature bout of the evening, an exciting female bout of in state rivals, April Ward (Batesville, AR) TKO’d Britanny Glendenning (Ft. Smith, AR) in round two of a scheduled 6 round Jr. Middleweight figth. Mike Wagenblast defeated over Dedrick Bell bu four round unanimous decsion. Rohan Wilson decisioned (4) Keundrey Henson. The fights will be replayed this Saturday, May 8th at 10:00 central time on SportSouth.

Prize Fight’s “Melee In Mississippi”Hot prospects Fight @ Harlow’s Casino & Resort, Greenville, MS.

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Greenville, MS – Prize Fight Boxing is proud to introduce the inaugural event of a ground breaking series on SportsSouth. “Melee In Mississippi” will kick off a monthly fight series on SportsSouth live from the beautiful Harlow’s Casino & Resort in Greenville, MS. This 5 bout card will feature some of the hottest prospects in the sport today. “This whole series is built around introducing tomorrow’s stars today”, said Brian Young of Prize Fight. “Through our wonderful relationship with FOX and Harlow’s Casino we are able kick off this series in a first class way”, Young continued.

The main event on the card will be a classic duel of two talented featherweights. Eric “The Outlaw” Hunter 12-1 (5 KO’s) of Philadelphia, PA will square off with Jose Hernandez 11-7 (5 KO’s) of Atlanta GA. Hunter, a 2004 United States Olympic Boxing Team Alternate and one of the hottest prospects in boxing, looks to continue his winning ways against the formidable Hernandez in this 8 round bout. Defeating Jose Hernandez will be no easy task for Hunter as Hernandez is well known as defeating hyped prospects. Four times previously in his career Hernandez has entered a fight as an underdog against an undefeated prospect and four times Hernandez as crushed the prospect’s dreams by coming a way with an upset victory. Most recently Hernandez faced 15-0 Rasheim Jefferson for the USBA Featherweight Title in Philadelphia, PA and stopped Jefferson in the 12th round of a scheduled 12 round bout with a crushing left hook.
The feature bout of the evening is an exciting female bout between in state rivals Britanny Glendenning 2-0 (1 KO) of Ft. Smith, AR and April Ward 5-1 (5 KO’s) of Batesville, AR. This 6 round Jr. Middleweight bout is sure to be for the bragging rights of Arkansas. The scintillating 5 bout card is filled out with three evenly matched affairs featuring 2008 Bahamian Olympian Taureano Johnson. Johnson is one of the hardest hitting prospects in boxing today and is just coming off a crushing 30 second stoppage of Ryan Bianchini in Memphis, TN.

The doors will open at 7:00 PM for this exciting night of boxing and the first bout will begin at 8:00 PM. Tickets are only $15 with a Harlow’s Players Card. This unbelievable night of boxing can be viewed live from beautiful Harlow’s Resort & Casino in Greenville, MS.

For More Information:

Nate Yoder – Prize Fight – (618) 979-6735

Harlow’s Casino Resort & Hotel 4280 Harlows Blvd Greenville, Mississippi 38701 1-866-524-LUCK (5825)

Sams Town – Wood blasts Mitchell!

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Scotti Vandevender –

Brian Young’s Prizefight boxing at Sam’s Town Casino in Tunica, MS brought the crowd another pleasing night of action. In the main event, heavyweight Frank Wood (22-3, 15 KOs) from nearby Nashville, TN proved far too powerful for late replacement Tim Mitchell (9-3, 4 KOs).
Wood began displaying a powerful left hook as he staggered Mitchell backward. By the end of round one Mitchell’s nose bled as breathed hard, deep breaths between rounds.
Round two opened with Wood striking a right hook that sprawled Mitchell across the canvas and into the ropes. Mitchell rose bravely only to suffer an onslaught of a left uppercut and right cross that sent him out on his feet. Referee Elmo Adolph mercifully halted the bout at 2:22 of round two.

John Johnson now 4-0 (4 KO)!

In the feature bout, light heavyweight John Johnson (4-0, 4 KOs) continued to build to his mystique as the local crowd favorite. This time the powerful youngster faced experienced veteran T.C. James (5-22, 3 KOs), who proved capable of frustrating the young power puncher with his evasiveness and award style early in the bout.
Johnson entered the ring behind a booming musical rap about his home state of Mississippi, a cloud of synthetic smoke, and a raucous reception from the crowd. Actually more composed and less wild and erratic than his previous bouts, Johnson stalked his prey from his initial stand off in the center of the ring, where he chose to seek out his opponent, stand face to face, and glare a Lennox Lewis-influenced stare through his opponent. Johnson’s countenance wore the same cool, calculated expression throughout the bout, a hunter meticulously seeking his prey.

Johnson struggled to find a way to land against the awkward James, but finally caught up with him in round two with a left hand that sent him into the ropes. Then Johnson increased the pressure in round three, forcing referee Paul Sita to halt the punishment at 1:31.

Christy Nickel Wins big in one!

Female junior middleweight Christy Nickel (2-1, 2 KOs) entered the ring smiling joyously and exuberantly. She then proceeded to completely out-power her opponent, Michelle Ewing (0-8). Nickel landed a solid straight right hand that sent Ewing sprawling on her back. Then a Nickel straight left hand flattened Ewing again. Ewing rose only to receive a left hook followed by a right hand that ended her night in the ring at 1:46 of round one.

Whitfield Too Fast for Burford!

Amateur sensation Rayonta Whitfield (1-0) began his pro career as a junior featherweight with a solid shutout of veteran Chris Burford (5-21-1, 4 KOs). While it might have seemed risky on paper to begin his career against an experienced opponent who has fought most of his battles at a higher weight class, Rayonta demonstrated lightning speed and movement in easily dominating every exchange of every round.
Whitfield clearly displayed why Prizefight Boxing has place a great deal of emphasis on this young man. With ring generalship like he displayed against Burford, this fighter already appears years ahead of a 1-0 fighter.

Hubinger Blasts Marsh!

Light heavyweight Adam Hubinger (3-0, 3 KOs) looked impressive in his battle against Robert Marsh (8-25-2, 3 KOs). Hubinger immediately worked behind a strong jab, often following it with a hard right hand. By round two Hubinger mixed in right uppercuts and blasted Marsh into the ropes. As Marsh’s nose gushed a fountain of crimson, he stood in the corner unable to answer the bell for the third round.

Local favorite Jason Ross Handed second loss!

Local kickboxing favorite Jason Ross (0-1) from nearby Southaven, MS made his pro boxing debut at light heavyweight against the extremely experienced Eric Rinehardt (15-52-1, 10 KOs). Rinehardt served as a replacement for Tyrone Dowdy, who was to make his pro debut as well. Ross came out thundering right hand artillery, fighting in a virtual phone booth as he landed solid blows. Ross ended the round with a left hook that sent Rinehardt reeling.
Round two saw much of the same as Ross continued a barrage of power shots. Ross maintained a kickboxer’s stance with his hands low as he attempted to land more power punches. But by the end of the round the much more experienced Rinehardt began to duck, move, and block Ross’s attempts to land.
Round three featured a complete reversal as Rinehardt came back strong. A fatigued Ross stood directly in front of his opponent as Rinehardt’s left hand began finding its mark – Ross’s skull. Rinehardt trapped Ross against the ropes as Ross absorbed left hook after left hook. A dazed and confused Ross took a beating to end the round and, suffering an injury to his left arm, could not return for the final round.

Hinton Drops an “H-bomb” on Johnson!

In the opening bout, supper middleweight Curtis “H-bomb” Hinton (2-0) soundly defeated Mike Johnson (0-2). Hinton began by landing a right uppercut that staggered Johnson. Johnson was able to land a right hand that stunned Hinton briefly, but Hinton returned with a right hand. Then a left hook. Hinton continued with another left hook and a right hand that finished the fight as referee Elmo Adolph waved it over at 2:48 of round one.

New Daisy 6/1/04 – Wiggins KO’s Ward in 5!

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Former NABF Light Heavyweight Champ and Covington, TN native Donnell Wiggins scored an impressive KO over a game Charles Ward (Covington, TN) at :29 left in round 5. Wiggins improves his record to 21-4-2 with 12KO. Wards record falls to 7-19, 5KO.

Perryman Turns out the lights on Anthony!

Clarksdale, MS, Heavyweight Willie Perryman (7-6, 5KO), welcomed Richard Anthony to the New Dasiy by handing him a 1st round KO in his professional boxing debut. Anthony was overwhelmed by Perryman’s pressure and power. The KO came with :59 seconds left in round one.

Freeman Decisions Yarborough

In a fight that will possibly be the June Fight of the Month, Rodney Freeman pulled out a unanimous decision over journeyman Lester Yarbrough. Freeman has won 4 straight matches since being KO’d by Chris Burford in November ’03. Freeman is now 4-1, 2 KO. Yarbrough’s record falls to 12-44-1, 5 KO.

D. Logan, Sharpening Skills

Covington, TN, boxer Darnell Logan contiunes to look like a very promising up and coming fighter in the ring. He shows good discipline quick feet and a nice jab with increasing power. That being said, the opponents that he has come to face in the ring have had combined records of 0-15 and none of those charactersists. Logan will eventually step up to fight some better fights in the near future but there is no reason to rush his growth and throw him into the mix before he is ready.

“Tojo” Harris too much for Ward!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

Light heavyweight Joe Harris (6-3, 4 KOs) used a ten-pound weight advantage to his benefit as he overpowered Charlie Ward (7-17, 5KOs) via a 5th round TKO.

The first couple of rounds featured the two fighters firing power shots in an attempt to strike early, but neither landed effectively until Harris stunned Ward early in round three. Ward managed to keep himself upright while fighting off a measuring jab from Harris followed by straight left hands.

By round four Harris began controlling the action, landing hard body shots that clearly hurt Ward. As Harris dictated the pace of the fight Ward attempted to fire back but mostly battled with his back to the ropes like a cornered animal.

The fifth round began with a great deal of inside fighting, as Ward began landing body shots of his own. But Harris returned fire with a devastating left hook to the body that crumpled Ward and sent him through the ropes. Ward reentered the ring prior to the final count but winced in pain, unable to continue the fight, resulting in a TKO victory for “Tojo” Harris.

Roy Rebounds, Beats Burford.

In a lightweight bout, Terrence Roy (5-1) rebounded from a tough loss to the hard-hitting Jerome Pillow to soundly defeat Chris Burford (4-16, 3 KOs). Roy showed his superior speed en route to a unanimous decision.

Roy displayed his evasiveness early, striking with lightning-quick punches and retreating from danger. Burford offered a valiant fight but just couldn’t match the superior speed of Roy. By the fifth and sixth rounds Roy literally had his way with Burford who almost appeared hand tied from his lack of matching speed.

Goings Roughhouses Rooker!

Cruiserweight Jim Goings (1-0, 1 KO) retired Rowdy Rooker (0-1) via a 3rd round TKO. This bout started as a rough contest from the opening bell. The two got tangled up early and Goings body slammed Rooker into the mat.

Rooker threw wildly as the two roughhoused their way through the bout. In round three Rooker’s shoulder-length hair tossed about and obstructed his vision. Goings took advantage of the opportunity and landed several right hooks.

Apparently spent, Rooker dropped to a knee untouched and refused to fight any more, resulting in a TKO victory for Goings.

Bonds Survives to Beat Johnson!

Middleweight Marcus Bonds (1-0) gave up 20 pounds and survived a major shot in round one to come back and earn a decision versus Lamont Johnson (0-1-1) in what proved to be the most exciting bout of the evening.

Bonds faced adversity early as the much bigger Johnson landed a huge right hand that staggered Bonds and sent him reeling into the ropes on the bout’s first punch. Johnson continued by throwing power shots in an attempt to land one more hard shot to Bonds’ skull. But, Bonds managed to survive the round, his eye bleeding slightly from an accidental Johnson head butt.

Bonds came out firing in the second, threading Johnson’s guard with a straight right hand that wobbled Johnson. He followed with a left hook to the larger Johnson, but Johnson remained upright and closes out an action-packed second round.

Rounds three and four featured the two fighters mixing it up in a slugfest as Bonds countered well. The crowd roared as Bonds took charge with a stiff, accurate jab. Bonds took advantage as Johnson appeared to tire. Bonds hammered his larger opponent until the bell sounded, earning him a decision victory.

Logan Wins with Speed!

Welterweight Martez Logan (13-6-1, 2 KOs) used his superior speed and ability to outpoint Lester Yarbrough (12-42-1, 5 KOs). The slower Yarbrough threw long, looping power shots that the much quicker Logan dodged.

Logan led to the body early, and controlled the fight with speed and accuracy. Yarbrough couldn’t match the power and speed Logan offered. Logan hit the canvas midway through round four as Yarbrough begged to be credited with a knockdown but it was deemed a slip.

Logan finished strong, exchanging in the center of the ring, as the bout came to a close, ending another fine night of fights at the New Daisy Theatre.

Martinez Out-hustles Shufford!

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By Scotti Vandevender –

Professional boxing returned to Sam’s Town Casino Saturday night with a 9-card lineup in the Cedric Kushner and Prize Fight Boxing promotion – “Heavyweight Explosion.”

After having lost his last two fights by TKO, heavyweight Gilbert Martinez (16-6-1 7 KOs) pressed the action and worked the body en route to a victory over the once highly regarded Charles Shufford (20-5, 9 KOs). Shufford entered the fight with a victory in his last fight and a somewhat controversial stoppage in his prior fight with Jameel McCline, a fight where he hurt McCLine early.

Where Shufford looked to regain his footing on the stepladder to contendership, Martinez effectively halted any such progress. By initiating the action and bullying his way in headfirst, Martinez garnered a split decision victory.

From the first round on Shufford seemed happy to absorb body shots and wait for a chance to land. Unfortunately he never received the chances he sought as occasional left hooks provided the only real offense he displayed.

Shufford landed a right left combo and followed it up with a right hand in the fourth round, but Martinez pounded his chest in his best King Kong impersonation and again lurched forward.

The battle continued the same with Martinez lunging forward and landing to the body while Shufford struck with very sporadic left hooks. Referee Elmo Adolph did his best in round six to press the action by urging both fighters to “fight” which resulted in the two swapping left hooks.

But that marked the majority of the excitement as Martinez earned victory through his much higher punch output.

Pudar Hammers Ward

Jovo Pudar (20-1, 10 KOs) used his superior strength and power to defeat Dan Ward (28-15-1, 14 KOs) from nearby West Memphis, AR. After an exchange of heavy punches in the corner of the ring at the end of round one, Pudar began to boom body punches and back Ward against the ropes in round two.

Pudar hammered Ward into the ropes in all four corners before landing a shot to the top of Ward’s head as he attempted to duck. Ward fell to all fours. He beat the count but referee Elmo Adolph deemed Ward unable to continue and Pudar scored a TKO at 2:48 in round two.

Lundsford vs. Woodward, Technical Draw

Yet another heavyweight battle saw local Tunica, MS fan-favorite Ray Lunsford (16-3-1, 7 KOs) pulling ahead of opponent Vernon Woodward (3-7-1, 3 KOs) with aggressiveness and power punches before an accidental headbutt at the end of round two opened a huge gash above his left eye. Blood immediately poured from the wound covering his chest as the ringside doctor halted the fight. This resulted in a technical draw as Mississippi boxing rules state must occur if the fight lasts less than four rounds. By Scotti Vandevender –

Journyman Vedder Out-points Martin

Heavyweight joureyman David Vedder (22-22-5, 3 KOs) easily out-pointed Wesley Martin (13-39-8, 7 KOs) in a four round contest. Vedder was the aggressor as he outmaneuvered the mostly defensive Martin.

Bryant Dismantles Phifer

Light heavyweight Rowland Bryant (2-0, 2 KOs) easily dismantled Michael Phifer (1-2, 1 KO). Bryant landed a combination that felled Phifer and earned a TKO victory as the referee determined Phifer could not continue.

Females Fights Excite!

In the first of two female bouts, Hollie Dunaway (5-3, 3 KOs) outworked the much taller Shannon Birmingham (2-2, 1 KO) en route to a unanimous decision in their four-round fight. Dunaway charged hard from the onset and stunned Birmingham with a couple of right hands to the head. Birmingham then tried to remain at a distance and jab to keep Dunaway away but the aggressive Dunaway continued to barge in and strike to the head.

Canadian female 105-pounder Vaia Zaganas (12-2, 6 KOs) landed power shots in bunches as her opponent Nikki Verbeck (0-8) has no answer for her power and skill. Verbeck couldn’t locate her corner at the end of round one and shortly after the bell her corner threw in the towel to end the onslaught of punches at :24 into round two. Verbeck vehemently argued with her corner after the stoppage and stormed from the ring to her dressing room.

Horne vs. Broyles – Pro Debuts!

Newcomers Dana Horne (1-0, 1 KO) and Timothy Broyles (0-1) made their pro debuts in the middleweight division in a short but explosive brawl. Broyles began throwing power shots and Horne immediately returned fire, stunning Broyles on a couple of occasions. But Broyles continued to throw power punches as Horne landed a precise right uppercut that extinguished Broyle’s lights. His mouthpiece dropped from his mouth as he fell face-first like a tree sawed at the roots.

The bout was immediately waved off and after a few minutes Broyles was again on his feet and seemed to be doing fine, able to walk from the ring with only a little assistance. By Scotti Vandevender –

Jiminez’s Body Shots Chop Miller Down

In the final bout of the evening, the monstrous 6’6″ and 249-pound Albert Jiminez (4-0, 4 KOs) recorded another knockout victory in his win over Calvin Miller (4-15, 3 KOs). Jiminez has yet to reach the second round as a pro. He hammered Miller with body shots as Miller buried his head in his arms to avoid blows to the head from the heavy puncher.

First a right hook to the ribs dropped Miller. Shortly thereafter, another right hook to the body had him down again. Miller stood up and continued to fight but after another Jiminez body shot Miller again knelt on the canvas shaking his head no as referee Keith Hughes asked him if he wished to continue. Jiminez ended the night with a TKO at 1:24 in round one after his display of powerful body punching.

Hernandez vs. Poma at Sam’s Town – 8/30!

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Ivan Hernandez (14-0-1, 10 KOs) will battle Ruben Poma (12-5, 9 KOs) for the Mid-South Flyweight Title. Heavyweights Samuel Peter and Daniel Frank will square off at Sam’s Town Casino, Tunica, Mississippi, Saturday, August 30th for a scheduled 8 round event.

In other Heavywieght action Marvin Hunt (9-6, 7 KOs) will climb into the ring with Ray Lundsford (16-2, 11 KOs). Lionel Butler will take on Dan Ward. For ticket information call 1-800-456-0711


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